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Colton Lee Wilks


Californian, Hollywood born and raised, Colton is the Man, the Myth and the Maker. 'The Man' who plays everything on his album? 'The Myth' does this guy really exist? and'The Maker' the guy who produced his own record?

Also a member of the Americana Music Association UK, fresh to the game of singing as an artist, CLW had been performing as an instrumentalist for years under his stage name long forgotten... but no one cares about that. He only worked with little artists such as The Jacksons (YES Michael Jackson's family), Serj Tankian (lead singer of System Of A Down), Groove Junkies, Volition Games (Soundtrack to the original Saints Row video game) and many many more.

His loves include fierce sounds, beautiful instruments and anything loud! Except for soft songs, of course.

He's been playing guitar, bass guitar, keys, drum kit, harmonica and a bit of banjo ever since his very first memories. These memories include Hee Haw and variety shows that don't exist anymore! If you can't remember when Country Music was popular, then you can't hang with us. (.__.)

This site is where he shares his music of true stories and self reflection upon real events of past and current life experience.


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