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Brain tumour the size of a lemon… removed!!!🤠

OMG! I collapsed in the middle of the night at my mom's house in Valencia, California USA around May 23th and woke up in the hospital in ER (emergency room), hooked up to intravenous lines, a catheter tube and machines stabilising me. I was informed I was in Henry Mayo Hospital and suffered from an episode of 3 seizures, and were to undergo emergency brain surgery to remove a, thankfully benign, tumour that was roughly the size of an oblong shaped tennis ball! 😳 Dr Lobo (AMAZING MAN) told me it was slightly interweaved in my brain noodle, pressing down on my brain and suffocating some of the major blood vessels in the upper left frontal lobe. It was causing seizures and had to go! He reassured me it was luckily benign but said “if we don’t remove it, seizures would most likely to happen again and may kill me” which means I nearly died that night. 😟 [Thank God I moved back to America and was staying at my mom's house otherwise it might have been a very different outcome if the circumstances were any different.] 😱 If you could imagine I was shocked as the doctors are telling me this. They could see I was a bit scared and Dr Lobo reassured me "this happens in life”. He comforted me in telling me “you are in good hands so not to worry" with a big smile. 😥

He proceeded to tell me what they will do in order to remove the tumour, the surgical procedure. Dr Lobo says "We will cut your scalp open leaving a laceration, then fold back the skin to drill a whole in my skull to then cut my skull open with a jigsaw, not too deep, just deep enough to get to the brain, remove most of the tumour but leaving enough to maintain the meninges (the thin insulation sack around the brain), close to the skull and staple back the laceration." He also said "We believe it developed from the meninges and took about 4 years to manifest but they can't be too sure, as it could have been there longer." and he asked "have you ever had head trauma before?". I was beside myself and didn't know what to say other tell him I had been having chronic headaches on and off for years and the last one lasting for 2 days, which lead to the seizure. Of course I don’t remember the episode at all. He then said "it's ok we'll talk more about it later, for now we need to get it out now. Are you ok with us proceeding?" I said "Heck yeah let's do it!" He said "Ok, we'll put you unconscious and proceed. You'll be fine". They put me under with anestethesia, steroids and whatever else they use for surgeries and proceeded. The staff were so kind, clear and warm. They appeared to be angels as they were all beautiful and beaming with light. They all were amazing and they put me under and saved my life. Next thing I know a beautiful female doctor woke me up and was so pleased to tell me "You did so well, you were laughing after the procedure was finished.” (I was what???) she said “Yes, your body is so strong. You will recover just fine." It was so nice to be told this but it was especially great to see how pleased the staff were and how they truly love their jobs. I am so blessed. 🙏

Everything in my body was and is working and thankfully I was surrounded by genius guardian angel doctors and nurses. They took care of me for about 6 days and discharged me before the week was up. I actually recognised a nurse I worked with in Glendale Adventist Hospital when I had to do community service for my punishment of being arrested when I was 15 years old... that was kind of cool because she looked after me for a day or two. It's a bit hazy still... sorry. But this has changed my life physically and mentally. I'm reaching out to all those I had fallen out with and just trying be friends again. If I have been a prick or a definitive tyrannical tyrant to anyone, I am so sorry. I apologise and I hope you all forgive me. 🙏 I believe this lemon (the tumour) has been plaguing my life for a long time as I can remember having my first concussion at 4 years old of which may have started it. My brother also observed me having little anger fits like the little boy in The Shining. I swear my fits looked exactly the same, in fact I looked exactly like that little boy, The Shining boy. Thankfully I’m not paralysed nor have any mental disorders, it was just a lemon shaped tumour hinderance that needed out!

I'm going in for an appointment on the 13th of June to see the doctor and ask questions and hopefully get the actual video footage, if they have any. 🤞For now, you guys please enjoy my music as much as possible as possible. It is oddly poignantly relevant to this tumour. I will be rebuilding a modest recording studio with guitars, bass, drums and a new computer soon. In the mean time I will be recovering for a while as I feel like 120 years old at the moment. I'm still hazy and every day is different from tolerating the side effects of the medication I’m on. But thanks to my mom, I’m going to recover just fine and become even stronger. At least the hard part is over, just like Lesley said (the nurse I recognised). I've gone past the withdrawals of the morphine, steroids and anaesthesia ... that was a scary rollercoaster ride, so scary I had to go back to hospital for a night as I just started freaking out! Good thing is everything is working 😊 but even better is my perception of life is so much more clear, confident and positive. My comprehension is expanding and it's an inexplicable great feeling. Memories are coming back, all of my senses have increased 10 fold! But some things I need reminding of, it's weird. For instance, text is kind of more 3 dimensional, food and drink tastes AMAZING. I am slowly becoming more human than ever. I hear things in music differently and hear how I would've sang differently on some songs. It’s like that John Travolta film Phenomenon accept I’m not sure I’ll be able to smash large mirrors with my mind. 😉 but bear in mind my equilibrium is slightly jilted and must always hold on to something with one hand and move very slow. It’s strange, it’s like I can feel my brain floating in my skull in jello.

You may view my instagram page for the video footage after I was discharged from hospital. It's wild but I love it and I love you! 💜 Enjoy, thank you all and God bless you all 🙏

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