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New official music video "Awakenings"

Music by Colton Lee Wilks & Alex Kay

Lyrics by Colton Lee Wilks & Alex Kay

All instruments performed & recorded by Colton Lee Wilks

Music produced by CLW Music

Alex and Colton started writing a song based on a riff Alex had written on his resonator guitar, later to be the verse melody. He has an incredibly astute ability to spontaneously write intelligible lyrics. As Colton wrote the lyrics to the choruses and a bit of the verses, he quickly realised how these lyrics are inspired by a beautiful film titled Awakenings, based on a true story of an adventurous doctor discovering a temporary cure for patients suffering from early dementia; starring Robin Williams, Robert De Niro and many more. The rest of the lyrics came to fruition once both writers had an understanding of the creative direction.

Colton started recording the song during lockdown in Brixton Hill Studios, in their new recording facility shortly before recording his band’s first rehearsal. Humming the melody throughout the entire song, Colton was able to perform on the drums first without any backing tracks nor a click track. Later to record the rest of the parts, backing vocals, slide guitar, bass, Rhodes and Hammond B3 vintage keyboards in the comfort of his home.

You can be part of the CLW crew with purchasing T-Shirts and by registering online for future events and shows.

Thank you.


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